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Recent Testimonials

13/07/2017 Mr F wrote to Hannah "Thank you very much for all your professional help and support to us in the conveyancing process.  You have been extremely kind and have always dealt with us in a most friendly manner and we will always bear you and your firm when settling any legal matters in the future.Sadly we have already drafted new wills last year and were awaiting the sale and completion of the sale of our house before finally signing and agreeing the details otherwise we would have been happy to let you draw up both of our wills.

 ...We look forward to working with you again in the future and will certainly recommend you ad your firm to friends and family in the future.

11/07/2017 Mrs M wrote to Hannah "Just a quick note to thank you for all of your help and assistance with our move. You have provided an excellent service throughout and I will be sure to recommend you to others."

05/07/2017 The B family wrote to Hannah "We just wanted to thank you very much for all your help in our recent house move.  Your guidance (and patience!) was very much appreciated. ... Thank you for your perseverance. We got there in the end! Everything went very well on "moving day"

30/06/2017 Mrs M wrote "Sarah, Ian and Hannah.  Thank you for all your help and advice during my house sale.  I will recommend you to all my friends in the future"

15/06/2017 Mrs L wrote to Sarah and Hannah "Thank you for your skills in getting me to a new address. Settling in!"

17/05/2017 Mrs M thanked Adrian for his help and continues as follows :-

"In a world where negative criticism is too readily bandied about, it's important that excellence is recognised and celebrated, so I hope that you will forward my email to your practice head. Alternatively I can email him/her directly if you can let me have their contact details.

I am also happy for my comments to be used for your publicity, with the proviso that {the Client's} name is omitted, so that others can be helped as ably as we were".

25/11/2016 Ms G wrote to Sarah "Fantastic!! Thank you so much for such prompt, efficient and friendly service. We appreciate you pulled all the stops out for us and will be eternally grateful..Meeting with your colleague on Friday to sort wills next!"

18/11/2016 Mr C wrote to Sarah "I just wanted to say that you very much for everything you have done for us.  Great service and we would happily recommend you to anyone for conveyancing services! I’ll get in touch with Jessica re our wills".

25/10/2016 Mr L wrote to Philip "Thank you for taking the lead, always chasing and providing updates and trying to move things forward. I was so pleased to be able to put the whole episode behind me and my family and I can I look forward. Your professionalism and diligence in bringing this to a close was exemplary"

19/10/2016 Mr S wrote to Philip “We would like to take this opportunity to say the biggest THANK YOU possible to you for all that you have done. Not only have you brought things to the best result possible given the circumstances but also you have recognised and been sensitive to the human emotions involved. I know that I have harassed you a great deal in [my partner's] interest but you have been patient and given detailed explanations at every stage of the process.

[My partner] has been given a new lease of life. We both wish you and your family all the very best in the future.”

27/09/2016 Mrs T was recommended to us by a  former client who like her had suffered a personal injury. She commented that Philip Davis provided an excellent service, kept her regularly updated and made her feel valued as a client. She would have no hesitation in recommending us to her friends.

10/08/2016 We dealt with a personal injury case for Mr S who said  Philip Davis kept him regularly updated and provided support and clear explanations of the issues involved. Philip was described as "professional, thorough and approachable

07/06/2016 Mrs F was very satisfied with our level of service throughout and said of Philip Davis that she was "very happy with the service and support" she received in getting to a "very satisfactory outcome". She finished "thank you, very pleased to have everything resolved. Everything was very professionally handled

17/03/2016 Mrs W was recommended by a friend. She comments that she found Philip Davis’s service professional and helpful and that he was knowledgeable about the legal issues involved. She says that he kept her regularly updated and was supportive

19/01/2016 Mr L instructed us in connection with a personal injury claim which Philip Davis brought to a more than satisfactory conclusion. The client having been recommended to us wrote "Mr Philip Davis was always ready to answer any questions I might have and was very supportive and professional in his work. Thank you very much, the service was excellent"

23/12/2015 Mr and Mrs C  who were recommended by Chris Lodge ,say that Jessica Partridge was very knowledgeable about the legal issues involved and made them feel valued as clients .Jess was "very professional" and had a "structured "approach.

21/12/2015 Mrs C on was recommended to Philip Davis on a personal injury matter  by a friend who gave her a cutting from a newspaper praising the firm. She is very satisfied with all aspects of the work done by Philip and describes him in one word as "brilliant!"

27/11/2015 Miss S was recommended to the firm by a friend. She comments that Sarah Oram provided an excellent service "all the way through" and that she dealt with all issues in a "professional and calm way" which made the client feel that Sarah was "on our side".

25/11/2015 Mr N was recommended to us by a friend and expresses pleasure that Sarah Oram explored all legal options clearly and offered the best solutions according to his needs. He was impressed with the speed in getting information to him and moving the situation along to a satisfactory conclusion.

02/10/2015 Mr and Mrs S summed up Daphne and the services the firm provided in one word "Superb".

01/10/2015 Mrs L writes that we gave her support and made her feel valued as a client, describing Daphne as "Excellent"

01/10/2015 Mrs S, for whom we acted on a personal injury matter, writes of Philip Davis "I was properly advised on what action to take and with the assistance provided, a satisfactory outcome prior to court  action was achieved"

01/10/2015. Mrs M suffered a personal injury and was recommended to Philip Davis by a friend. She describes Philip as being courteous and professional as well as knowledgeable about the legal issues involved. She was satisfied that he listened to her needs and acted upon them. She says "I would recommend you to my friends"


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