Fare evasion - what you need to know

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A criminal conviction for fare evasion may have consequences far exceeding the seriousness of the offence committed.   A court penalty for an isolated offence of fare evasion will in the great majority of cases be a fine.  You may even be given the opportunity to plead guilty by post and receive your fine through the post.   However, the real penalty is not the court penalty but the criminal record which is inseparably attached to it.

For non-professional persons, a criminal conviction will become spent after a specified period.  For a professional person, a criminal conviction will become spent, but must still be declared even after it is spent.  This is a critical point.

It may also be the case that a professional person’s contract of employment or professional body requires disclosure of the fact of conviction which can result in immediate suspension or dismissal.  Sometimes the mere fact of being summonsed or charged is sufficient to require referral.

Criminal proceedings are also in open court and can be reported in the media.  This can be prejudicial to professional persons even if the ultimate outcome is positive.

In the circumstances, it makes sense to take legal advice if you are the subject of a criminal investigation by one of the public transport bodies.  We have been providing advice, assistance and representation in this area of the law for over ten years and have an outstanding record of protecting our clients’ clean records either by negotiation or, if necessary, through proceedings in the courts.

Delay is often extremely damaging for the prospects of a successful outcome.  The sooner assistance is sought the better.  We provide a free and confidential telephone service and will be happy to give you the benefit of our knowledge and experience. 

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