Driving Offences

Driving for most people is a part of everyday life. It is hard to imagine being without your driving licence and losing the freedom that comes with it. For some people, being disqualified could mean losing their job or make running their own business incredibly difficult. Gray Hooper Holt's specialist driving offences team will argue your case for you to ensure that you keep your driving licence whenever possible or, if you lose it, it is for the shortest possible time.

Protecting your good name

We are aware that, for many of our clients, motoring offences can cause acute embarrassment on both a personal and business level. A significant number of our clients are company directors or senior executives. Our discretion is assured at all times and we will endeavour to avoid press coverage at court. We will not use your case details to promote ourselves to the media; we prefer to operate out of the media spotlight to ensure you have the best prospects of success. Our service is discreet and confidential.

How can we help you?

We have over 30 years' experience in dealing with driving offences. We have prevented people losing their licences in many situations including:

How do we save your licence or reduce the length of a ban?

With so many years' experience saving people from losing their driving licence, we are confident we can help you either by preventing you from losing your licence or minimising the period of loss.

How do we charge you?

We appreciate that, for so many people, losing their driving licence could cost them many thousands of pounds in terms of lost employment or increased transport costs. However, we are also aware that one of the biggest fears in choosing a solicitor is how much they will charge. We have resolved this by charging a fixed fee service. We will represent you at court and argue your case for you for a fixed fee.

Pricing structure for defence of driving offences tried summarily i.e. in the magistrates court and not the crown court.
We are happy to provide representation in the magistrate’s court at fixed fees in respect of drink driving, driving under the influence of drugs, speeding and other common motoring offences.  We also represent under the “tooting up” procedure.

For a simple hearing where there is a plea of guilty our charge will be £750 plus VAT.  This fee covers:

1. Attending you and taking your instructions.
2. Advising on the merits of your defence or plea in mitigation.
3. Advising upon the likely outcome and range of penalties if found guilty.
4. Contacting and dealing with the Crown Prosecution Service to obtain details of the case against you.
5. Preparing mitigation and obtaining statements from witnesses/character witnesses as necessary.
6. Representing you or arranging for you to be represented by a barrister at the hearing.

These charges do not include:

1. Obtaining medical evidence
2. Obtaining any necessary expert evidence
3. Any advice or assistance in relation to an Appeal.

We are prepared to agree fixed fees or to act on an hourly rate basis on more serious motoring offences and will provide a quotation once we have all the relevant details from you.

We help you across England and Wales

Although we are based in Surrey, we can accept instructions for any court in England and Wales. We can take full instructions on the telephone, if visiting our office would be a problem for you and we now have barristers countywide to take a brief for a hearing in any court at short notice!

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