Advice for Employers

Do You Need The Services Of An Employment Lawyer?

Employment lawyers offer a wide range of advice covering every element of the law surrounding employment issues and can offer comprehensive advice and guidance to employers and employees alike. With the issues and topics of employment law being extremely vast and often very complicated, how do you know if – and when – you would benefit from the services of an employment lawyer?


Employment lawyers can offer advice and guidance to employers on a wide variety of issues including :

  • Flexible working hours – i.e. where an employer has received a request from an employee to work flexible/reduced hours and wants to check what they are offering in response is lawful.
  • Staff handbooks – where they are being written from scratch or are being amended, an employment lawyer can ensure they are lawful and comply with necessary rules and regulations.
  • Policies and procedures – if an employer wishes to write a new policy or amend an existing one they may require the assistance of any employment lawyer to ensure the policy is comprehensive and protects both employer and employee.
  • Staff contacts – if an employer is drawing up new staff contracts or amending existing contracts they may feel reassured by having the contracts checked by an experience employment lawyer. Alternatively, the employer can instruct the lawyer to draw up to contracts from scratch.
  • Redundancy advice – if it becomes necessary to make an employee, or employees, redundant, an employer may need advice as to how to lawfully execute the redundancy.
  • Discrimination and bullying – if an employer is faced with a member of staff who is complaining of being discriminated against or being bullied the employer needs to act carefully and properly and may benefit from advice from an experienced employment lawyer to ensure the matter is handled correctly.
  • TUPE – an employer may need advice from an employment lawyer regarding the issues surrounding ‘Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment)’.
  • Restructure or reorganisation – advise may be needed from an employment lawyer where restructure or reorganisation will lead to redundancies or the need for relocation.
  • Data protection issues – advice may need to be sought from an employment lawyer on data protection and confidentiality issues.
  • Mediation – where conflict is occurring in the workplace mediation may be needed from an employment lawyer to help to resolve the issues.

The area of employment law can throw up a minefield of questions and issues for employers and employees alike and it will often be hugely beneficial to employ the services of an employment lawful to get clear cut advice on your rights and responsibilities and avoid further conflict and complications.


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