Our pricing structure

On this website we publish our rates for acting on certain types of case in accordance with regulations issued by our regulatory body the Solicitors Regulation Authority (www.sra.org.uk) and in accordance with the principles of good business practice.
Our professional charges for the provision of all our legal services reflect what we regard as the proper cost of providing accurate and timely legal advice to individual and corporate clients.
They are set at a rate which is affordable to the client and which meets our need to earn sufficient to meet our outgoings and to pay our well educated hard working and talented staff. We do not get involved in under cutting our competitors either within or outside the legal profession.
We are happy to agree fees in advance once all relevant factors are known and we always assess and advise the client of the costs consequences of taking or  desisting from taking a proposed course of action.
Loyalty to us is reflected in prices charged to returning clients. 

We are authorised and regulated by the SRA and carry compulsory  professional indemnity insurance of £3 million per claim.